Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorite Winter Photos




Tinabean said...

Hi Guys!
Those videos are so cute I can't believe how big he's getting.
I hope your all doing well.

jordan said...

so fun!! I miss winter! We made it skiing once, and it was with Ryder. That's not quite good enough. Things are going to have to change!
Mitch is sooo darling!!

ARRON N' L!SA said...

those are tooo dang cute!! i love the pic of mitch skiing, its the best!

LutzFam said...

Love it!!! Mitch is way cute.

Bellblogging said...

I can't believe those tiny ski's!! That is to cute!

Jill said...

That looks like fun, but I am so ready for warm weather!

Tinabean said...

Hey you guys haven't been on for awhile, we need an update more often! :)
It's getting close you haven't had that little one yet have you?
We're waiting patiently!!!